Summary of Recommendations

The Panel has reached consensus on eight key recommendations. The recommendations address the following themes:

    • Minimum information standards for wild caught fish products;
    • Authoritative data sources, including a global record of fishing vessels;
    • A harmonized system of “landing authorizations” to provide primary assurances of the legal origin of fish products;
    • Multiple points of verification throughout seafood supply chains;
    • A transition to fully electronic traceability systems for all commercial fish products within the next five years;
    • Support and capacity building for those producers needing help with the transition;
    • A global architecture for interoperability of seafood traceability systems;
    • Where applicable, non-discriminatory border measures setting minimum standards for seafood traceability and proof of legal origin to combat trade in IUU products while facilitating legitimate commerce through a “risk based, tiered, and targeted” approach.

A fuller statement of each of these recommendations is contained in the report.