Petter Olsen, Nofima

Petter Olsen is a senior scientist at the Norwegian Institute of Food, Fishery and Aquaculture (Nofima) working with applications of ICT especially related to traceability, production management, simulation and decision support. He has coordinated and had key roles in several large national and international projects in this area, including the EU projects TraceFish, Seafood Plus, TRACE, EcoFishMan and WhiteFish. Serves as convener of ISO TC234/WG1 (standards for fish product traceability), national representative in ISO TC34/WG9 (standards for food traceability) and as an adviser to the EU, to several EU-funded projects, to the Nordic Council of Ministers and to the Nordic Industrial Fund on these subjects. He is author and co-author of more than a dozen peer-refereed scientific articles in the fields mentioned as well as a number of book chapters and international reports, and several dozen international conference presentations.