RESOLVE’s Solutions Network is home to a multi-sector working group seeking to advance the use of landscape-scale planning for development projects such as mining, oil, gas, and infrastructure.  Landscape- scale planning considers the direct, indirect, and cumulative impacts of natural resource projects within a particular region, or landscape. Planning at a larger scale before investments are made identifies the risks, trade-offs, costs, and benefits of development decisions to avoid the shortcomings associated with site-level planning for individual projects.

RESOLVE and the World Economic Forum have commissioned a white paper by the Nature Conservancy on landscape-scale planning.  The paper will highlight the need for landscape-scale planning, potential benefits of the approach, and examples of landscape-scale planning in practice.

Next Steps

GEMM—The working group will also use the upcoming Global Energy, Mining and Markets (GEMM) dialogue to explore the issues and challenges related to landscape-scale planning and ensure a broad set of stakeholder inputs to the paper. GEMM convenes leaders and practitioners from diverse communities of interest to identify, explore and work together to respond to sustainability challenges in the mineral sector.

Podcasts— In preparation for GEMM, RESOLVE produced a series of podcasts on landscape-scale planning. The series explores a variety of expert perspectives, and more broadly, highlights key questions, changing trends, and innovations in the mining sector.

Bruce McKenney – Landscape-scale Planning and Sustainable Development

Dirk Van Zyl – Applications in British Columbia and Alaska

Ian Thompson – Integrated Resource Management (IRM)

John Thompson – Industry Innovation

World Economic Forum, Global Agenda Council on the Future of Mining and Metals—The paper and the issues identified by stakeholders will also be considered by the World Economic Forum’s Future of Mining and Metals Global Agenda Council in Abu Dhabi, 25-27 October 2015. The Global Agenda Council will provide final inputs and identify a pathway for government, development agencies, companies and stakeholders to implement landscape-scale planning.

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Meg Perry
Facilitator, RESOLVE

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Principal, Confluence Solutions Consulting