FPIC Solutions Dialogue Work

Last year, the Dialogue hosted a forum to provide input and feedback on a tool assessing risk to investors based on corporate applications of FPIC at various sites. Ongoing Dialogue work includes a report on benefit sharing agreements, a pilot project in Suriname, and research on opportunities to integrate FPIC and Environment Impact Statements.

From Rights to Results Study

RESOLVE conducted interviews, surveys, and desk research to assess expectations, trends, and obligations regarding compensation and benefit sharing agreements, which are typically a key aspect of FPIC. This is a rapidly evolving topic as norms and expectations on FPIC  advance in the region. Some countries in Latin America have yet to formally recognize Indigenous rights or lack the legal frameworks and institutional capacity to ensure rights. There is wide variation in the relationships between companies and communities that are the foundation for successful agreements. The assessment helps to create a baseline of information. The findings, featured in From Rights to Results, serve as the basis for a workshop and identify research needs and opportunities for the Dialogue to address gaps.

Surgold Pilot

Newmont will pilot test key elements of FPIC at its Merian site in Suriname, which is in an advanced stage of development. An independent, expert advisory panel will be struck to provide guidance to the company. The panel will share findings and seek feedback from participants in the FPIC Dialogue. Newmont will seek to apply community engagement practices that support progress toward achieving FPIC at the Merian Mine. Newmont will seek indigenous community support prior to the construction phase, with a focus on ensuring informed participation of indigenous and other communities. The advisory panel will work with Newmont to develop guidance on a number of FPIC issues based on the engagement practices and agreements. The experience at Merian will also support broader learning on FPIC through the FPIC Solutions Dialogue.

Research on Opportunities to Integrate FPIC and EIS

The Dialogue is exploring how planning and implementation of FPIC can be linked to the mine planning process earlier in the project cycle (i.e. Environmental and Social Impact Assessments or Environmental Impact Statements).