A Transition Agenda Initiative

In June of 2013, A Transition Agenda Initiative was revealed by Amy Larkin with the book release of Environmental Debt: The Hidden Costs of A Changing Global Economy. The agenda  was developed to addresses companies and nations struggle to strategize in the face of global financial debt and an unpredictable natural resource market. The initiative’s A Transition Agenda will transform how policymakers, business leaders, and citizens think about the future of commerce.


To connect returns on investment of business with the survival of nature.


To reveal the common ground between business, civil society, science, religion, culture and policy reformers.

The need for A Transition Agenda is illuminated by the following questions:

1. If coal and oil cost their true prices based on new financial rules, how will that  melt down the economy?

2. If coal and oil continue to be under priced, how will that melt down the environment?

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