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There are two crises in the news virtually every day – global financial turmoil and an increasingly unpredictable environment and weather. What we do not see is their inseparable tie. All business, all economies, all living and man made systems depend on nature. At this point in humanity nature depends on the responsible choices of business to protect the earth. Growing an economy that destabilizes nature is simply illogical. It’s time to redefine the rules so that corporations have the opportunity to create operational policies that address both our financial and environmental issues.

A Transition Agenda will support a critical platform and dialogue as we pivot from the message in Environmental Debt to true action.

Creating A Transition Agenda:

A Transition Agenda is designed to break down and address the overwhelming global financial and environmental problems we face today.  Many of us have a vision of the future that is radically different from today’s production and consumption paradigm, but getting there is a daunting prospect.  That is why this venture will concentrate on both big-vision, long-term campaigns for change as well as quick, immediate solutions that can be implemented more easily and less expensively.

Civil society stakeholders, individuals and industries are all affected by energy, food/water scarcity, waste and transportation.   Changing public and private finance and employment so that we reconcile the rules of business with the laws of nature is the challenge ahead.  There is tremendous work already underway in every sector and we will not reinvent the wheel, but we can however, connect the dots between projects, initiatives, and policies that work, and identify the most crucial pieces of the puzzle that have, up to this point, been missing.  We then invite you to bring your ideas on how to improve, scale, clarify, and grow an economy that sustains the natural world.

The platform links to existing research and networks, rather than starting from scratch. The design is based on connecting current experts, organizations and business. Through the platform, action-ideas are nominated for each issue and the most viable solution will be proposed to the board of directors for funding development and execution.    

It is time to connect the Return on Investment of Business with the Survival of Nature.

“The time is right now. Today, it seems, there finally may be enough financial self-interest and environmental awareness that traditionally antagonistic groups are motivated to work in tandem to solve entrenched problems.”

Global Financial Sustainability Reporting

 Global Financial Firms Sustainability Reporting

Bloomberg              Calvert Investments                Deloitte

Ernst & Young         Goldman Sachs                       HSBC

KPMG                     MSCI                                      Munich RE

PAX World              PricewaterhouseCoopers           Procter & Gamble

Trucost                  USB

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