A Transition Agenda

This is a web-based platform for readers to engage in crowd sourcing and solution building to address our interconnected global, financial and environmental crises.

The Problem

We all know about the two sides of the financial ledger–profit and loss. But there is another piece of the financial picture not yet accounted for– cause and effect. Every financial transaction has an environmental impact. And the environment is embedded in every financial transaction. Every transaction.

Our Solution

A Transition Agenda aims to usher in new rules for the 21st century economy.  You and your ideas are the engine.

We hope that you use A Transition Agenda as a way to change the conversation so that we connect our financial and environmental decisions in the public, private and individual sectors. The solutions we hope to create will also be catalized by the principles for 21st century commerce put forward by Amy Larkin in her book, Environmental Debt: The Hidden Costs of a Changing Global Economy.

20th Century Business As Usual Rules:

1.  Pollution is largely free;

2.  Earning statements do not include long term financial, environmental and social impacts;

3.  Governments subsides often fail to account for environmental impact.

The Nature Means Business Framework:

1.  Pollution can no longer be free and can no longer be subsidized.

2.   The long view must guide all decision-making and accounting.

3.  Government plays a vital role in catalyzing clean technology and growth while preventing environmental destruction.


We will  write the addendum to this book. We will identify the critical priorities, solutions and policies that will enable A Transition Agenda. RESOLVE’s Solutions Network will serve as a web platform, click here to link to organizations and companies profiled in Environmental Debt.

Click here to contribute to the discussion as we identify priorities and solutions.  We’re using crowd sourcing to identify priorities.  And you can contribute ideas to support new business rules for the 21st century economy.

Click here participate in our Solutions Network conversation on the transition agenda.

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