The Future of Energy


The first Energy Shift meeting took place over two days in Banff, Alberta in January 2015. Developed in cooperation with the Pembina Institute, this unconventional two day meeting brought together business and policy leaders with a broad range of expertise—in policy, finance, engineering, communications, and more. It was inspired by correspondence between lifelong Greenpeacer and current Resolve Strategic Partner, Amy Larkin, and a former CEO of a major North American oil and gas company wherein they listened to and learned from each other, and discovered surprising areas of agreement.


A report outlining a set of proposals based on the interventions identified and discussed at the meeting was developed for participants by RESOLVE and the Pembina Institute.

An advisory council is being formed to guide the RESOLVE project team in selecting, defining, and identifying resources to support the final set of projects. Our next step will be to begin pitching concrete ideas to partners and funders. If you are interested in finding out more about this work, please contact Meg Perry.