Energy Shift is an initiative developed by RESOLVE that brings together unlikely allies from industry, government, and the ENGO community around key issues including…

The Future of Energy


  • Anticipate possible futures for energy;
  • Define successful business models for a low-carbon 21st century economy; and
  • Identify and implement near-term interventions that support solutions with the potential to transform the energy system.

Shale Development (Hydraulic Fracturing)


  • Convene a multi-stakeholder working group to create the “Community Health and Shale Development Guidebook,” which provides unbiased information on health issues associated with different stages in the shale development process; and
  • Lead a joint fact-finding effort to identify key questions related to the health and environmental impacts of shale development.

Accelerated Depreciation


  • Explore accelerated depreciation as a tool to incentivize green technology investments; and
  • Engage a broad spectrum of stakeholders to build a strategy for advancing the use of accelerated depreciation.