What resources can provide further information?

Quality of Life – Economic impacts

Quality of Life – Noise impacts

  • Earthworks, “Oil and Gas at Your Door? A Landowner’s Guide to Oil and Gas Development” (Durango, Colorado:  Oil and Gas Accountability Project, 2005)http://www.earthworksaction.org/library/detail/oil_and_gas_at_your_door_2005_edition#.UxjPSj9dWSo. The effects of noise are covered on pp. I-45 – I-49. For a useful illustration of noise impacts  from oil and gas development, a Colorado study recorded the average decibel levels of typical noises emanating from well pads; see chart, p. I-45.
  • New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, “High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing in NYS: 2015 Final Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement Documents”   (Albany, New York:  April 2015), http://www.dec.ny.gov/energy/75370.html. New York’s Final SGEIS covers a wide variety of potential issues resulting from shale gas development. For composite noise levels for drilling and hydraulic fracturing, see pp. 6-295 to 6-297. For composite noise levels of other well pad activities, see pp. 6-292 and 6-293. For a chart of truck noise as a function of truck size and speed, see p. 6-299.
  • The Noise Pollution Clearing House (http://www.nonoise.org/index.htm) is a national non-profit organization with extensive noise-related resources. Its mission is to raise awareness about noise pollution, strengthen laws, and assist activists in order to “create more civil cities and more natural and rural wilderness areas by reducing noise pollution at the source.” To aid in their efforts, they maintain a database for noise regulations and ordinances in cities, counties, and towns within the United States:  http://www.nonoise.org/lawlib/cities/cities.htm.
  • The Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project, a nonprofit environmental health organization that provides assistance to local residents concerned about the health impacts of shale gas development, has guidance for monitoring noise levels in homes using smartphone apps:  http://www.environmentalhealthproject.org/health/noise-light/ .

Quality of Life – Visual Impacts