What resources can provide further information?

Quality of Life

  • Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Well” (June 2014). This brochure for landowners gives an overview of the lifecycle of a typical well and answers questions that landowners may have. The regulations and agencies mentioned are Canadian.
  • Earthworks, “Oil and Gas at Your Door? A Landowner’s Guide to Oil and Gas Development” (Durango, Colorado: Oil and Gas Accountability Project, 2005). Earthworks is an advocacy organization working on natural resource extraction issues. This handbook describes the stages of oil and gas development; potential impacts of oil and gas development on health, safety, and quality of life; alternative technologies and practices; the legal and regulatory issues; tips for landowners; and landowner stories. For more details on seismic exploration and tips for landowners, see pp. I-6 – I-7.