What resources can provide further information?

Water Quantity

  • Juliet Christian-Smith, “Improving Water Management through Groundwater Banking:  Kern County and Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District” (The Pacific Institute, 2013). A case study of water banking programs in Kern County in California’s Central Valley. The Pacific Institute, a California-based organization dedicated to reaching environmental solutions through interdisciplinary research, funded this study.
  • Monica Freyman, “Hydraulic Fracturing & Water Stress:  Water Demand by the Numbers” (Ceres, February 2014). Ceres is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to mobilize business and investor leadership on climate change and sustainability issues. This paper analyzes water demand in shale development operations in North America, focusing on eight regions of intense development and water use. It offers recommendations to investors, lenders, and companies for mitigating their exposure to water sourcing risks.
  • International Council on Mining & Metals, “Water Management in Mining:  A Selection of Case Studies” (May 2012). This selection of case studies gives some examples from the mining sector of strategies to reduce water use and protect water quality in collaboration with stakeholders.