Acronyms List


ANHE  Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments


ANRC — Arkansas Natural Resources Commission


APHA — American Public Health Association


API — American Petroleum Institute


ATV — all-terrain vehicle


BMP — best management practices


BLM — Bureau of Land Management


BTEX — benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, xylene


CBI — confidential business information


CBPR — community-based participatory research


CDC — Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


COGCC — Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission


DOT — Department of Transportation


EIA — Environmental Impact Assessment


EPA — Environmental Protection Agency


FERC — Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


HAP — hazardous air pollutants


HIA — health impact assessment


HRQOL — health-related quality of life


IOGCC — Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission


IPIECA – International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association


MSDS — material safety data sheet


NGO — non-governmental organization


NIH — National Institutes of Health


NIEHS — National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences


NIOSH — National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health


NISA – National Industrial Sand Association


NORM — naturally occurring radioactive materials


NTSB — National Transportation Safety Board


OGP – International Association of Oil and Gas Producers


OPS — Office of Pipeline Safety


OSHA — Occupational Safety and Health Administration


PEL — permissible exposure limit


PHMSA — Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration


PIPA – Pipelines and Informed Planning Alliance


RFF — Resources for the Future


SDWA — Safe Drinking Water Act


SWPA-EHP – Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project


TDS — Total Dissolved Solids


TENORM — technologically enhanced, naturally occurring radioactive material


TRB – Transportation Research Board


UIC — Underground Injection Control


USDW — underground sources of drinking water


USFWS — U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


USGS — U.S. Geological Survey


UTSA — University of Texas — San Antonio


VOCs — volatile organic compounds


WHO — World Health Organization