RESOLVE’s Solutions Network mobilizes leaders in business and civil society to incubate and test ideas and turn them into self-sustaining environmental, social, and health solutions. The program builds solutions step-by-step, starting with more achievable projects, and then tackling challenges that are more complex. The Solutions Network is a voluntary, virtual network supported by RESOLVE collaborative experts and our technical and strategic partners.

Network Benefits

  • access to RESOLVE’s collaborative experts
    (e.g. mediators and facilitators)
  • a safe space to explore solutions
  • access to ideas and expertise from others
  • a network of technical partners
  • efficiency in planning and use of resources
  • stronger stakeholder relationships
  • risk sharing, including RESOLVE assuming risks for some projects
  • learning from successes and failures
  • recognition for results and partnerships


Partners work together on pilot projects, trials, and case studies to create solutions that are replicable and self-sustaining in organizations or the marketplace.


Today, Network partners are working to create consumer products that use “conflict-free” metals, test biofuels that help reclaim impacted lands, define ethical gemstones, and develop a “wildlife safe” wind program.